Langton Arms

Tarrant Monkton, Dorset

07796 801525

Dorset Beef, Venison, Lamb and Pork from The Langton Arms Butchery

the langton arms butchery

Our Rawstar Herd Beef is so good because....

Tarrant Valley beef is sourced from our Rawstar Herd that are grazing for most of the year on the naturally lush and mineral rich grass of the valley. In the depths of winter they are housed in dry conditions where they continue to be fed a natural diet.

Our beef is matured and hung on the bone for at least 21 days, which allows the fibres of the meat to break down. This natural process makes our beef incredibly tender and it is how our meat gets its old fashioned flavour. Our Butcher Martin cuts the meat by hand leaving only the best meat and fat for taste. Call Martin the Butcher on 07796 801525

langton arms butchery

We only source

  • Rawstar Herd, Tarrant Valley Beef, from our own farm, or those within the valley
  • Tarrant Valley Venison, also from our own farm
  • Piddle Valley Chicken
  • Sturminster Pork & Lamb
  • Rawston Farm (free-range) & Blandford Turkeys (traditional)
  • Dorset Seasonal Game including pheasant, partridge & duck

Finding us


The Langton Arms Butchery,
Rawston Farm,
Tarrant Monkton,
Nr Blandford,
Dorset, DT11 8SF

Phone: 07796 801525
Email: e-mail us

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